The Excellent Exterior Features of the Ram 1500

When it comes to designing the Ram 1500 year in and year out, one thing is always true: the engineers of this vehicle always desire to make a statement. This year they have done in a major way, and we here at New Country Auto Center couldn’t be more excited about this new fleet of 2018 Ram 1500s. Of course, the first thing that caught our eye was the exterior.

For starters, the exterior sports a futuristic front design. The grille, sculpted design and sleek headlights all showcased to us that Dodge was preparing their truck of the future. We just know these headlights will pierce just about anything, even the densest fog.

Furthermore, the Ram 1500 also features a terrific tailgate. Endowed in great geometric shapes, it has a great border and also has “RAM” in bold lettering right in the middle. There is no question about it, these Ram 1500’s makes a bold statement and we are sure you will agree.

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