What to Know When Your Car Breaks Down

Nearly every driver has had it happen to them before: Driving on the road or highway, then a sudden stall or blown tire prevents them from moving with the flow of traffic. What can drivers do to handle such a situation?

Familiarizing oneself of emergency actions to take during a breakdown can save the lives of drivers and the other cars in the vicinity of the vehicle. The most important thing is for motorists to quickly move their vehicle over to the right lane as fast as possible, even if it means that more tire damage will occur with such movement. Care should be taken to park on the shoulder in a spot that is not blind to the other vehicles behind the damaged car. Furthermore, one of the most dangerous aspects of roadside emergencies is the risk of getting hit by fast moving traffic.

Once that is completed, work can begin on the problem. Yet some problems are not always easy. New Country Auto Center in Cortez can help you fix any potential car issues that may arise in the unfortunate event of vehicle failure. Stop by and visit our service center today!

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