Can Tire Tread Pattern Help You to Avoid Hydroplaning?

When you drive your car, truck, or SUV in wet or stormy conditions, there is a hidden danger that you must always be on the lookout for. This hazard is called hydroplaning, and this phenomenon is responsible for many automobile accidents every year.

Hydroplaning occurs when relatively high road-speeds combine with water depth to cause the tires to "float" on a thin layer of water. As this takes place, the treads of the tire can lose contact with the road, resulting in a near-complete loss of steering control.

While this situation is fraught with hazards, there are several tried and true methods that you can use to minimize the probability of hydroplaning. One effective way is to use tires with water-repelling tread patterns.

These so-called directional treads feature special lug designs that actively expel water from under the tire, improving traction and resisting hydroplaning.

Here at New Country Auto Center in the Cortez area, our suspension system experts have lots of experience with advising our clients about the use of anti-hydroplaning tires. To prepare your vehicle for use in inclement weather, stop by our service center today for a no-obligation conversation.

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